Behind us are probably the biggest months of our automotive lives. The flight and drive miles that we have left behind are impossible to count anymore. Japan, USA, Austria, Dubai and USA again and also Austria again and again...barely any time left to breathe. But when we see how you guys celebrate all of this in the 7 days of Woerthersee, its all worth the trouble and stress. And only once you guys tell us, we will calm down. As long as that's not happening, we definitely won't run out of ideas. Our motivation is not the likes on social media or the money. The emotions, the countless people that accompany us on our worldwide journey and that what's left of the day keeps us young, even if its already been 2 decades since we set foot in this area.

Yours sincerely, Andy Füllborn

Photo credit: Andy Füllborn | Michael D. Photoworkz | FLGN-TLT Media Team | BW-Pictures | itsjustbrian | Von German custompixel | Custom Junkys | LostMemory Media

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