The result of what happens when our XS CARNIGHT Classic is on at the same time as our XS MAG drop is what you'll see on the next few pages. Not a single feature from the current millenium and with the Cool Tints E30 and the GTO replica, two absolute world premieres. We had our hands in play on both cars but sadly the European season is coming to an end. Time for us to think more international...just like when we started our fi rst project with Gruma Exklusiv and Boden Autohaus for the legendary SEMA show. Between now and then is really just Woerthersee Reloaded and the opening of the fi rst XS store right below our offi ce!

Yours sincerely, Andy Füllborn

Weitere Ausgaben des XSMAG

XS-Mag Ausgabe 50


Not only do we celebrate 20 years of XS this year but also the 50th issue of our XS MAG! Over 5000 pages have made their way into our archives since 2010 and even though we are pro...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 49


It is now the beginning of July and behind us are two picture perfect summer months. A lot has happened in this time and we celebrated together in Berlin. 2 nights that to this day...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 48


For me this year is not just 20 years of XS that move me but also Woerthersee that amazed me for the fi rst time exactly 20 years ago. There‘s been plenty of developments at See in...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 47


20 years of XS means 20.000 stories and yet it still feels like we're only a decade old. We have a huge list of things to tell after running through tokyo at night with 15 rWB's or...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 46


Our year is coming to an end and once again our ‚trendmeter' doesn't really top the scales. So it seems that the widebody and fi tment trend will continue to give the tone in 2018....

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