20 years of XS means 20.000 stories and yet it still feels like we're only a decade old. We have a huge list of things to tell after running through tokyo at night with 15 rWB's or cruising through Finland on a sauna boat, or even driving from appointment to appointment around greater Los Angeles with an S63. But in the end its always the curiosity and passion that keeps us going every year and last but not least the people that share exactly that around the globe. Where it doesn't matter how much money you've put aside or if a million has been put into the car...if it looks apart you will get the respect you deserve and if it only cost you a case of beer, even more. Let's hear it for this passion or let us call it love, in the hope that hybrid technologies don't pull the plug on us.

Yours sincerely, Andy Füllborn

Photo credit: Andy Füllborn | splendidpix / Martin Heinz illume91 | Carphysics | Festgehalten - Mensch & Maschine | 993phtgrphy Von German Custompixel

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