If you're reading this, it's happened! Photographed, drawn up, printed, packed and straight to your door. You wanted it and your wish is our command. Behind the XS MAG lie 9 successful online years, but especially me, who has been shooting cars with a camera since 1999 and seeing these photos in countless magazines until the XS MAG start, has been dreaming of a‚ real' MAGazine. One for the plane, the garage or even the toilet. Since 2004 I've been buying a magazine from the skater scene with the thought of one day printing in the same quality. You guys have made it possible and it has always been you who have made everything XS related possible AND of course the team around me. Printing is completely new territory for us which will defi nitely take some time to explore but if you have any wishes or feedback we would love to hear it...in the end you all have to be happy so we can be too!

Yours sincerely, Andy Füllborn

Photo credit: Andy Füllborn | Von German custompixel | Dapple-dapple | Peter Herforth | frohlix_entertainment | larry_chen_Foto | the_kyza | Sebastian Brühl | Andreas Werner | Lowcalhero | custom_junkys

Weitere Ausgaben des XSMAG

XS-Mag Ausgabe 56


This introduction was planned completely different but sadly there‘s currently no other topic than this virus named after a beer. The 11th of March delivered the 5th cancellation i...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 55


I think our fi rst year in print has been successful and all of you subscribers have made all of this possible. Without you, we defi nitely would not have had the balls to pull thi...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 54


According to the calendar, there‘s a whopping 20 years between the here and now and the year where we held our fi rst event in Freital near Dresden. We spread fl yers at numerous e...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 53


The sun is def nitely shining out of our butts after our more than successful week at Woerthersee. 7 days of Carinthia that we can stamp off as perfect. The quality of cars alone w...

XS-Mag Ausgabe 52


‚That was the first proper birthday call today, all others only messaged me on Whatsapp.‘ Those were my sons words a few weeks ago and somehow that says a lot about the modern day...

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