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‚That was the first proper birthday call today, all others only messaged me on Whatsapp.‘ Those were my sons words a few weeks ago and somehow that says a lot about the modern day and age. I‘ve now passed the 40 year mark and seem to come from a completely different time. A lot has changed since then and some things have become secondary. It really pleases me to see that our first printed MAG issue has hit against this and has pretty much knocked us out with your support - in a good way. Our paper doesn‘t need Wif or data and we‘re convinced that this issue will entertain you more than a few minutes on your smartphone. It has taken us a lot of time and consideration to make the step to print but your reactions have shown us that it was at exactly the right moment. I once again thank you all for the po-sitive feedback and reception which fueled us on every page of the magazine. You for us and we for you!

Yours sincerely, Andy Füllborn

Photo credit: Andy Füllborn | Martin Hillmann | Robert Redlich | Brendan Stouffer | Pierre Jäckel | Anthony Anderson | Cesar Valdez | @johnnxxts | @mikekuhnracing | @_crvn_ are

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